Мнение специалистов

Егорова Марина Олеговна, доктор медицинских наук

OMB Company

OMB Company was founded in 1991. From 1993 on, OMB Company has been supplying medical equipment and consumables for the Russian market that are manufactured by leading global producers. Company network of own regional offices and distributors covers the whole area of Russia. In 2003 we also opened a representative office in Ukraine, and in 2014 – in Kazakhstan.

Company Mission

We are aspiring to help every person to create a civilized attitude towards own health while constantly expanding and deepening our own expertise in and understanding of the realm of public health services.


Competence and professionalism. Company's main asset is its staff, its employees. A good specialist will always be able to achieve top results adding up to a stable development of the company as a whole. So we are committed to providing everything necessary for every employee in our company team to get better training, advance their professional careers, and achieve maximum personal fulfillment.

Long-term Relations.

We aim for developing strategic partnerships, so we always strive to fulfill our obligations. Existing longstanding relations with our partners are both a proof for and a guarantee of our company's successful development.

Development and Growth.

On a daily basis, we keep pushing for improving the level of services offered. Correspondingly, we constantly seek to realize most up-to-date, popular solutions in the realm of medicine as well as improve our services and company business processes based on cutting-edge IT solutions.

Responsibility and Reputation.

We pay special attention to making sure that the equipment we offer to our clients completely satisfies their needs and that it is used properly. Such an attitude directly influences the quality of patient diagnostics and treatment. It is important for us to be sure that anyone seeking medical help can get an appropriate, high-level service.


The main goal for OMB Company is providing its clients with an opportunity to render medical services at the highest level. We aim to take over all issues related to supplying state-of-the-art equipment and consumables and also to maintain their delivery as a well-managed process. In this case our clients, all those who order our medical service, can fully concentrate on issues of best patient diagnostics.


OMB Company is one of the leaders on the Russian market of laboratory equipment and consumables. Our main areas of activity in relation to the client are:

  • equipment and consumables for preanalytical stage;
  • equipment and reagents for analytical stage;
  • laboratory information systems;
  • service and maintenance support.

On top of delivering equipment and consumables we offer our clients an opportunity of using our expertise in selecting products as well as our methodological support and technical servicing.

Logistical Support

OMB Company places high emphasis on securing on-time, uninterrupted delivery of goods ordered. The company owns a warehouse (with over 3000 square meters of effective storage area), where goods are stored as per manufacturer's instructions, complying to necessary temperature conditions, rules and guidelines for packaging. Our experts oversee all stages of the logistics process (such as transportation, customs clearance, storage and delivery tracking), so that the delivery is guaranteed within the clearly indicated timeframe.

Technical Support

OMB engineers who are certified by relevant equipment manufacturers will install new equipment and put it into operation, perform warranty servicing as well as post-warranty services and software upgrades. During equipment repairs consumables materials and spare parts of only original manufacturers are used. Our technical specialists leave to a location needing their support within the shortest possible timeframe.

Intellectual Service

OMB Company specialists provide methodological and consulting support: they can advise which equipment is best suited for a particular health care facility; they will train clients and make sure that they can operate equipment properly; they will also answer any questions that may arise during the use of equipment purchased. We have facilities where we can show the performance of any piece of equipment that our company can supply. We can also organize training seminars and special-purpose, highly specialized conferences.


  • Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Products, GmbH (International)
  • Greiner Bio-One, GmbH (Austria)
  • ELITechGroup (France, Netherland)
  • Advanced Instruments, Inc (USA)
  • Analyticon Biotechnologies, AG (Germany)
  • Andreas Hettich GmbH & Co KG, (Germany)
  • Sysmex RUS, LLC (Russia, Japan)
  • GemaCor, LLC (Russia)
  • Infomed CS (Greece)
  • Bio-Rad Laboratories, LLC (USA)
  • bioMerieux (France)


OMB is a medical company aiming to develop and maintain long-term relations with its clients and is ready to provide conditions that are conducive to effective cooperation.

Long-time presence on the medical services market

OMB Company has been operating in the realm of medical services since 1991, and its sales volume has been always on the rise. Over the last 9 years its sales volume increased five-fold. Our clients trust the good quality of products that we deliver. Our suppliers trust us to represent their brand.

Wide Territorial Coverage

OMB offices as well as its distributors' network exist in all federal regions of Russia. In 2003 we came to the Ukrainian market and in 2014 - to the Kazakhstan. Today our company is looking into options of developing its activities in Belarus.

Reputation of a Reliable and Competent Company

The proof of our integrity as a company and of our reliability lies in our partner relationships, some of which have been lasting for over 15 years. And a well-qualified team of expert associates working in our company are both a great asset in doing our business and our important advantage.

Product Quality

OMB inventory includes medical equipment and consumables for laboratories that allow for any tasks, which our clients may face, to be solved at the most up-to-date level. We offer only such approaches and solutions, for which we are absolutely sure that they are both effective and in high demand.

High Level of Service

Our own technical service department, regional offices as well as highly qualified experts in product and client support help our company to respond immediately in order to satisfy our clients' need so that their equipment keeps operating in a fail-safe and correct manner.

4th Tverskaya-Yamskaya str. 16, bldg 3,
Moscow, Russia, 125047
Phone/fax: +7 (495) 925 8150
omb@omb.ru, www.omb.ru